Fossil & Fawn

In the Willamette Valley of Oregon, Jenny and Jim have been creating curious and natural offerings from their family’s historic vineyard since 2011. In addition to their homegrown grapes, they work with local vineyards to make wines they like with structure, balance, and acidity. 

Over the years, we have helped bring a visual representation to several of their vintages, attempting to do justice to the incredible effort given to the vineyards. While the pair is serious about their process, the result is always fun and fascinating wines. Jenny and Jim bring experimentation into every decision they make for Fossil & Fawn, often picking the oddest idea. We carry this spirit into every aspect we touch, finding new ways to bring to life the “Odd & Yummy” motto.




After visiting their vineyard, testing the barrels, and learning their science,, we knew this volcanic soil-grown Gewürztraminer needed unique attention—a very non-traditional label for very non-traditional winemaking. Over the years, we continue to update the label, finding new ways to bring big changes in small areas.


Playful experiments in skin fermentation led to a longing for the elusive wooded co-ops of early rural Oregon. Exploring rudimentary organic alchemy with farming, food, food systems, vernacular architecture, and naive art kept our minds open to the artwork’s potential.


“Winemaking is transformation. Grapes can and will transform; fermentation works without us.” We brought this transformation to the label in a way that fits Fossil and Fawn. While the grapes and yeast do most of the work, the label gives a hint at the alchemic act the wine produces within you.


This white blend honors the famed field blends of Alsace and Austria, a love letter to picnics and playing in the dirt. Grown at the 1970s established Sunnyside Vineyard in Oregon, the blend was fermented for day drinking on a pasture, lost in time and space, giving you time to appreciate the world smaller than you and the universe that consumes you. A balanced mix that floods your brain with a lifetime of memories in an instant.