Okay Poster


In May 2020 as Covid had begun making its way across the world, we felt the massive concern everyone was feeling. Spring brought some new hope and we set out to deliver a message of positivity and unity. Our plan was to release posters in a newspaper stand, free to the local public with the message “It’s OK We’re Okay”. We felt that delivering a message of “not great, but better than bad” could help ease the uncertainty and feel more unified in isolation.

Then George Floyd was murdered.

There was no way we could release a poster saying things were “Okay” when, in fact, the complete opposite was true. Nothing was okay at that moment, or any moment since.

As the months rolled by, we sat with these posters in our studio often staring at them, wondering what change might come that could potentially make this statement feel even slightly true. The time hasn’t come, and isn’t close. Instead of sitting and dwelling on the ignorance, we’re releasing this poster series as a reminder of positivity and focus onto a larger picture.

18″x24″ folded, non-archival paper