Desert Vessel

The Desert Vessel was created as a vehicle for peace. A stiffly sweet aroma inspired by early mornings in the arid Sonoran with an indigenous mix of embered Ironwood, Dried Californian Juniper, and Coyote Tobacco Flowers.

With the help of Sally Glass (@glass.ceramics), a local ceramicist, the desert vessel was inspired by the iron-rich soils found in the barren Sonoran climate. Each vessel is hand thrown, stamped, fired, and poured by hand. The unique inconsistencies in the clay, human touch, and embellishments bring character to each vessel.

With the help of local artisans, we are able to create a candle that reflects the humankind in this desert where many traverse for peace. All proceeds of this candle will be donated to a non-profit dedicated to helping refugees cross the USA/Mexico border and provide free immigration services for new citizens. Share this candle and help refugees navigate safely to peace.