R.Y. Originals

R.Y. Originals, named after Raphael Mechoulam & Y. Gaoni, the fathers of researching cannabis as medicine, were developed to incorporate the whole nutrient-rich cannabis plant material into a line of all natural daily vitamins. We worked closely with R.Y. doing market research to develop the right dosages so as to not ruin a consumer’s day or leave them feeling cheated by the experience. Unlike other edibles on the market, R.Y. does not extract THC with chemicals. It blends the whole plant so you receive the full benefits of ingesting cannabis, as well as complementing vitamins for everyday. Each blend is double lab-tested for a perfect dose. Eat your greens and take a trip.


Art Direction


Josh Goldsmith

Pete Gamlen
Stella Murphy

R.Y.’s identity was inspired by the way cannabis had historically been used as a way to heal. Lately it is common to see bigger companies investing in cannabis, stripping away the history and soul of weed’s origins. R.Y. choses to celebrate this plant’s history and incorporate it into how the products speak to its organic origins and health-conscious consumers.


Typically, edibles are poorly regulated, and their dosages can vary greatly, ruining what should be a good time. R.Y.’s mission is to empower the growing base of new users across the country to feel encouraged and knowledgeable about ingesting cannabis. We employed Asclepius, the god of medicine, or “Ace”, as the mascot for R.Y. to help demystify and guide new and experienced users through their journey of digestible cannabis.


Beyond the identity for R.Y., we set the tone for the additional content of the brand. What we created was inspired by comic strips, photos of cannabis’s golden era, collages, and people living in the memories (or moments) they’ve created.