Capri Club

Eagle Rock’s new aperitivo bar was originally The Capri, an Italian restaurant serving the community since 1963. Its original owner, Joe, brought home-cooked Italian food to the neighborhood. After exchanging several hands and eventually falling into disrepair, a new owner stepped in, ready to give it the love and care needed to bring this local staple back to life. 

Club helped imagine the potential of the space and the identity. Every detail was measured against its role in honoring the modest bars and restaurants from the Amalfi coast to Little Italy. From the floors, to refreshing the original neon sign, a mix of restorations and new creations has brought a community together to celebrate aperitivo hour.


Interior Direction
Sign Painting


Julia Stotz

Since the late 1800s, Campari was one of the first brands to work with established artists in creating their advertisements. The Italian futurist, Fortunato Depero, was one of Campari’s most prolific collaborators creating everything from posters and billboards to bottles and wooden characters. 

We adapted Fortunato’s style as a nod to the history of Aperitivo hour throughout the generations.

Working with the owner, we took the interior layout and began to imagine how the space could come alive. Sourcing artwork, reviewing floor tile patterns, working with a muralist, connecting beverage consultants, producing signage, rewiring vintage lamps, and creating a shrine in the back to all those who have come and gone; these were just a few of the details considered while setting out to bring a visual identity to a physical space.